Simplifying automation and robotics

NINOX 360 enables companies to improve their efficiency with increased automation, reducing labor costs, improving quality control, and traceability of faults. We provide vision based bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions available as networked smart sensors or software libraries. We target a wide range of industrial applications including defect detection, quality control, camera calibration, robotic localization, testing and evaluation, and bar codes. Industries include automotive, machining, manufacturing, warehousing, and agricultural. Our strength lies in attention to low level details and self-calibration, which enables a superior user experience, and ease of integration.

NINOX 360 LLC is a certified California small business.
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manufacturing and warehousing

Core products for automation and quality control

Mobile Products

App development and integration with mobile devices


State of the art algorithms with and without markers designed for harsh environments.

Rapid Prototyping

Reduce risk and costs quickly


Scanning at high speed and harsh environments

visual localization

Localize indoors and outdoors

Past Customers

Warehouse Vision

Numerical Optimization

Camera Calibration

Quality Control

Defect Detection


3D Vision for Robotics

Computer Vision Lectures