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Surface Inspector

Surface Inspector is a hand held vision tool for inspecting surfaces for defects at sub-millimeter precision. This small foot print allows it to be used where existing LIDAR and photogrammetry industry can't be used. Processing in done all on device using our proprietary vision technology which has been highly optimized and designed from scratch with traceability and accuracy in mind. Surface Inspector provides live feedback to ensure consistent results in variable conditions and independent of the operator. In the future the exact same sensor can be mounted on a robot, which it will direct to provide optimal scanning results. Works on any textured surface

Currently being field tested by multiple Top-5 energy companies in the US, we are looking for more early adopters as we work to bring this to a wider market. We are also looking for robotic inspection service providers to discuss collaboration and integration.

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NINOX 360 enables companies to improve their efficiency with increased automation, reducing labor costs, improving quality control, and traceability of faults. We provide vision based bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions available as networked smart sensors or software libraries. We target a wide range of industrial applications including defect detection, quality control, camera calibration, robotic localization, testing and evaluation, and bar codes. Industries include automotive, machining, manufacturing, warehousing, and agricultural. Our strength lies in attention to low level details and self-calibration, which enables a superior user experience, and ease of integration.

NINOX 360 LLC is a certified California small business.
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