For Hire

NINOX 360 has several short term contracting opportunity with potential to become a long term contracting or salaried position in the future. In general, the first job will be a simple fixed fee task in the $200 to $500 USD range, with a flexible schedule. If done well and successfully completed, other opportunities will be opened up. Most opportunities are remote only and location independent.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please contact to get the latest list of what we need.

Full Stack web developer

We are looking for people which have experience in both front end and back end web development work. You don't need to be an expert in both, but you should make it clear which one you're more proficient in. All contract work will be self contained projects.

Skills we're looking for:

  • Proficiency with Javascript / HTML / CSS

  • Familiar with major commonly used frameworks (react, angular, etc.)

  • Ability to write and deploy server code. We primarily use EC2 but this is open to discussion.

Examples of Past and Current Jobs:

  • Minimalist website for users to upload images to and return a list of detected 2D barcodes

  • User specifies number of rows and grids in a chessboard pattern, sees a preview, can then download a PDF

  • User uploads photos and views a 3D reconstruction

  • Make an existing minimal website look good

Deep learning random task

This is open to "experts" and novices alike. Novices will have simple tasks which amount to following online instructions and will be of similar complexity to a homework assignment in a class. More experienced people will have problems that require problem solving beyond what can be easily looked up online. Projects will typically be self contained and not require integration.

  • PyTorch, TensorFlow, ... etc

  • Basic object detection on a prebuilt dataset

  • Apply monocular depth estimator from recent projects and feed into our testing frame work

  • Compare multiple frameworks and networks for speed and performance

  • Help direct and validate data labeling

hardware prototype random task

Need for multiple simple independent projects that involve designing and fabricating simple hardware. This is open to novices and experienced professionals alike. Preference is for locals in the SF Bay Area but it's open to others within the US.

  • Design and build a case for raw CCD camera

  • Design and build a case for an edge device with basic physical security

  • Attach a camera and handle to a light source for visually scanning parts

  • Create an installation out of 80/20 for mounting cameras

  • Build a camera testing platform

Computer vision (Non-Machine Learning)

We are extending our open source project BoofCV with more capabilities, both open sourced and proprietary. If you know computer vision (not just deep learning) we are looking for people to do simple standalone projects as well as add new features. This is open to novices and experts. If you're not sure how to approach a problem we will provide a suggestion. If you are high skilled and/or a researcher in SFM, photogrammetry, 3D graphics, and other related field please inquire about more challenging projects.

  • Automatically place a bounding box around a rectangular document

  • Improve the GUI in our multiview reconstruction tools

  • Simple 3D reconstruction tasks

  • Create a performance benchmark for our 2D barcode technology

  • Detect objects on a conveyour belt

  • Improve meshing approach for 3D scans