smart sensor toolboxes

Toolboxes are the software which runs on our smart devices and specify their behavior. Capabilities that an individual device has can be changed within a few seconds by selecting a different toolbox. After installation, a new toolbox can be reconfiguration easily with live feedback from the device. Below we have several examples of different packages that can be installed then tuned for your business needs.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Fit and finish

defect Detection

supplier quality

Assisted Manufacturing / Feedback Systems

Almost any quality inspection can be converted into an assisted manufacturing process. Live feedback is provided to associates letting them know when a part is aligned correctly, accelerating training, and providing traceability.

Warehousing inspections

marker scanning

size compliance

mobile integration

Visual Localization and Motion Estimation


visual odometry

Indoor localization

Easy Calibration

While transparent to most of our customers we have devoted much research and development to calibrating in harsh environments quickly, accurately, and with stability. We have unique capabilities for self calibration without markers and using markers. We also provide open source calibration tools included with BoofCV.